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Organizations relating to Migrants

International Detention Coalition / Melbourne VIC, Australia
Nordic Immigration Committee / Oslo, Norway / Est. 1957
European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress / Charleroi, Belgium / Est. 1993
Confederation of European Companions / Paris, France / Est. 1968
Asian Migrants Coordinating Body / Kowloon, Hong Kong / Est. 1996
Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 1964
Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Sociales y Desarrollo / Guatemala, Guatemala / Est. 2005
International Centre for Migration Policy Development / Vienna, Austria / Est. 1993
Caritas Europa / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 1985
Federation of Centers for Migration Studies G B Scalabrini / New York NY, USA / Est. 1964
International Catholic Migration Commission - Europe / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 1994
Committee on Migrant Workers / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 2004
International Centre for Migration, Health and Development / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 1995
MIGRANTE International / Quezon City, Philippines / Est. 1996
NGO Committee on Migration, New York / New York NY, USA / Est. 2006
International Feuchtwanger Society / Los Angeles CA, USA / Est. 2001
Women in Migration Network / Est. 2012
European Programme for Integration and Migration / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 2005
South Asian Initiative on Disaster Migration / Colombo, Sri Lanka / Est. 1995
Migrants Rights International / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 1994
Mara Salvatrucha
International NGO Platform on the Migrant Workers' Convention / Geneva, Switzerland
European Platform for Migrant Workers' Rights / Ronse, Belgium / Est. 2004
IMISCOE Research Network / Rotterdam, Netherlands
Southern African Migration Programme / Waterloo ON, Canada / Est. 1996
Migrant Forum in Asia / Quezon City, Philippines / Est. 1994
Mekong Migration Network / Kowloon, Hong Kong
United for Foreign Domestic Workers' Rights / Chiang Mai, Thailand
Global Forum on Migration and Development / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 2007
RESPECT / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Est. 1998
International Network on Displacement and Resettlement / Tucson AZ, USA / Est. 2000
Red Regional de Organizaciones Civiles para las Migraciones / San José, Costa Rica / Est. 1996
European NGO Platform Asylum and Migration / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 1994
European Migration Network
West-East Bridges Foundation / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Est. 2011
SIRIUS - Policy Network on Migrant Education / Brussels, Belgium / Est. 2012
United Nations Network on Migration / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 2018
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants / London, UK / Est. 1967
Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants / Kowloon, Hong Kong / Est. 1984
CIMADE / Paris, France / Est. 1939
Centre for the Study of Forced Migration / Dar es Salaam, Tanzania UR / Est. 1995
Ockenden International / Woking, UK / Est. 1951
Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford / Oxford, UK / Est. 1982
European Institute, London School of Economics / London, UK / Est. 1991
International Immigrants Foundation / New York NY, USA / Est. 1973
European Migration Centre / Berlin, Germany / Est. 1978
Center for Migration Studies, New York / New York NY, USA / Est. 1964
Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office / Canberra ACT, Australia / Est. 1995
Otto Benecke Foundation / Bonn, Germany / Est. 1965
Asian Research Centre for Migration / Bangkok, Thailand / Est. 1987

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World Problems relating to Migrants

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Involuntary mass resettlement
Economic migrants
Gypsy persecution
Disruptive migration of rural population to cities
Failed migration
Immigration barriers for handicapped family members
Inadequate social security for migrants
Inadequate education for nomadic children
Disabled migrant workers
Abuse of project-tied migration
Endangered lifestyles of nomads and pastoralists
Disruptions due to migration
Uncontrolled migration
Racial exclusion through immigration legislation
Discriminatory targeting of travellers by border control officials
Disease transmission by international travel

Action Strategies relating to Migrants

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Promoting equality of opportunity for migrant workers
Using overseas development aid to reduce international migration
Combatting illegal immigration
Encouraging immigration
Repatriating refugees
Supporting migrants
Using migrant workers
Providing services to migrating women
Assisting immigrant families
Shooting migrant birds
Informing about migration issues
Limiting animal migration
Producing immigrants
Encouraging migration
Controlling migration
Establishing international institution for international migration concerns
Improving conditions of immigrant labourers
Improving rural living conditions to reduce migration to cities
Assessing environmental consequences of migration
Giving migrants right to stay
Studying consequences of migration
Increasing literacy amongst migrants
Controlling immigration
Coordinating planned migration

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