Hangzhou International Expo Center Made New Record of Events Acceptance

Last month Hangzhou International Expo Center (short for HIEC) accepted more than 130,000 visitors and exhibition area was over 450,000 sqm, which was a new record of events acceptance.

In 5th of May, in the 31st CCS Congress over 13,000 registered representatives attended this congress. HICE prepared more than 4700 hours for this congress, and provided buffet for more than 1400 delegates, provided tea break for more than 900 delegates, and business set meals for more than 34,000 delegates. Hangzhou International Expo Center provided good feedback to prove the meaning of “HIEC Service”.

From 18th to 22th of May, The Second2nd of China International Tea Expo was host in HIEC, and the 12th Congress of Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine opened in the same period of time, and there were about 160,000 participants in these events. Exhibition area of The Second of China International Tea Expo was 70,000 sqm, and more than 1000 businesses attended this Expo.

The 20th Annual Meeting of China Association of Science and Technology started from 26th of May, and the association celebrated its 60th anniversary in HIEC.