title:I've submitted corrected information. Why can't I see my changes?

All proof corrections must first be reviewed by one of our editors, who deal with the responses from thousands of organization representatives. Thus, some time may pass between our receipt of updated information and the correction of organization descriptions. In addition to this delay, the Yearbook Online information is updated once every 6-8 weeks, thus possibly contributing to a further delay. We apologize that we are unable to process proofs more quickly, but the editors always appreciate receiving updated information.

title:How do I find a library with a copy of the Yearbook?

You can use the link below to identify public or university libraries in your area. To find out if they have a copy of the Yearbook of International Organizations, check the library's online catalogue or contact the Reference Department. Some libraries maintain copies of past editions of the Yearbook in addition to current editions. Many academic libraries also carry our previous publications which are now out of print, so you can search the catalogues for Union of International Associations / Union des associations internationales as author.


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