UIA Associations Round Table Europe 2017

Brussels, Belgium

The UIA cordially invites you to its Associations Round Table Europe 2017.

For over 100 years the UIA has been working to promote and facilitate the work of international associations.

The UIA Associations Round Table is an opportunity to learn through networking and through practice:

  • meet representatives of other international associations and share experience and knowledge
  • gain practical skills and tools to help you do your work better

This year the Round Table Europe will take place Friday 10 November in Brussels. Please join us!

L'UAI vous invite cordialement à sa Table Ronde d'Associations Europe 2017.

Depuis 100 ans, L'UAI a oeuvré à promouvoir et faciliter le travail des associations internationales.

La Table Ronde d'Associations de l'UAI est l'occasion d'apprendre au travers d'échanges et par la pratique:

  • rencontrez des représentants d'autres associations internationales et partagez expérience et connaissance
  • acquérez des compétences pratiques et des outils qui vous aideront à améliorer votre travail

Cette année la Table Ronde en Europe aura lieu le vendredi 10 novembre à Bruxelles. Afin de répondre aux besoins d'une variété d'associations internationales la langue utilisée sera l'anglais. Soyez les bienvenus !

What participants say about the UIA Associations Round Table

At UIA we consider a Round Table a success if the participants go home with new ideas, with increased motivation, and with names of people with whom they want to stay in touch. What do the participants say?

“I am still buzzing from the whole experience and have come back to work this week with a renewed determination and belief in the power of associations.”

- Chloe Menhinick, Network Engagement Manager, International Water Association

"I have gained more from the Round Table in terms of networking and opening up opportunities than I had expected."

- Sally Kendall, International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research

“It was another great occasion to meet and learn from my peers. Thank you for arranging it so well! I enjoyed every moment.”

- Felicitas Wressnig, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

UIA Associations Round Tables: What, where, why? from World of Associations News, April 2016

UIA Associations Round Tables: since 2007 from World of Associations News, December 2016

List of the participating associations 2009-2016

Registration opens in early May, and is by invitation. If you would like an invitation, please contact nancy@uia.org

Thursday 9 November (optional)

Walking tour "1000 Years in Brussels"
Dinner with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Please see the tab "Extra activities" for more information.

Friday 10 November

9.00-10.30 Opening keynote: “Is your association ‘political’?”
Presented by Cyril Ritchie, President of UIA - Union of International Associations
followed by a panel of associations and round table discussions
and by short introductions by each of the six workshop facilitators
10.30-11.00 Refreshments
11.00-12.30 Workshop session 1, with a choice of six parallel workshops (*)
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Workshop session 2, with a choice of six parallel workshops (*)
15.30-16.00 Refreshments
16.00-17.30 Workshop session 3, with a choice of six parallel workshops (*)
17.30-18.30 Reception

(*) There are six workshops, and three workshop sessions. Every workshop is offered in every workshop session.

Workshops include:

Finding – and keeping – the right people
Facilitated by Michel Ballieu, Executive Director of Biomed Alliance - Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe

Recruitment of staff members is key to the success and sustainability of our associations, but this important task requires not only experience, but also time, a lot of time, and rare are the associations benefiting from a dedicated HR specialist. Conducting the search for the best candidate can easily become a discouragingly heavy workload. How can our associations make sure that this workload doesn’t affect our capacity to identify the quality among the quantity of applications? It is all about a process, starting with framing the need into a clear and precise job description, through the advertisement of the open position, to the selection of the right professional. This 2017 UIA Round Table workshop is dedicated to the important questions raised by the recruitment process and by the best way to retain right staff: Michel Ballieu, Association Adviser, will discuss this process with the workshop participants, based on his many years’ experience in hiring and managing associations staff such as operational specialists, team managers, and top executive positions.

Legal questions
Facilitated by Sarah Verschaeve and Sarah Van Den Brande, Partners at Curia

On the agenda are a number of burning issues for international associations:

  • Engaging in commercial activities as a source of income: issues and risks
  • Partnering with a commercial company: issues and risks
  • The Belgian “aisbl” status: present and future?
  • Newsletters, membership lists and privacy regulations
  • The multi-tasking CEO/Board Member: points of attention from a legal point of view
  • From Brexit to Brussels: impact on international associations
  • GDPR: Global Data Protection Regulation and your association's work

Creating sustainable funding models for small and medium-sized associations
Facilitated by Kai Troll, CEO of Best Buddies Europe/Middle East/Africa and President of Best Buddies Europe and Africa Foundation

Best Buddies has long been a well established organization in the USA, and is now also is in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. How can a new (off-shoot) organization achieve financial independence – with no start-up investment from the parent body – and become a sustainable regional organization? We did it within two years, now have a staff of seven, and are growing. Keys are good governance, funding, strategic planning, and solid events and programmes.

Public relations on a shoestring
Facilitated by Christophe Ginisty, Former President of IPRA - International Public Relations Association

How can you make an impact on people with influence when you have very little budget? How can you stand out in a busy and noisy environment? How can social networks provide opportunities to reach your audience? Discover the latest techniques that will help you make a difference by designing and executing smart PR strategies.

The role and value of a national federation of associations: some case studies
Facilitated by Danièle Vranken, Secretary-General of FAIB - Federation of European and International Associations Established in Belgium

How is a national federation of international associations useful, relevant, even essential, to the work of international associations in that country? What, for example, does FAIB do for associations in Belgium, FIIG for associations in Geneva, or CEDAP for associations in France? We will look at these and other examples to see how they serve associations, how they are heard by regional authorities, and how they collaborate on joint initiatives with local partners.

Effective Leadership with Structure, Method and Respect
Facilitated by Philip Springuel, Immediate Past President of ESAE - European Society of Association Executives

In this interactive workshop, I will share my experience of both accomplishment and failure, and challenge you to re-think your leadership approach.
First, I will explain how structure and methodology are pillars of effective leadership. I will describe why this fits my own one-minute people management approach. Together, we will exchange views about the importance of human interaction, how these impact the mission and objectives of your organisation.
Next, we will break down into two groups to focus on how structure and method on one hand and attitude and professionalism on the other have impacted our own workplaces. When groups have reported their best practices in plenary, we will debate the subtleties that separate notions of respect, dignity, trust and confidence.
Finally, we will close with agreement on a short collective resolution about what we see as necessary to achieve effective leadership.

Cyril Ritchie

President of CoNGO - the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (2011-2018)

President of the Council of Europe Expert Council on NGO Law (since 2008)

Senior Policy Advisor of WFC - World Future Council (since 2012)

Chair of ELCI - Environment Liaison Centre International (since 2000)

President of UIA - Union of International Associations (since 2017)

Titular of the World Order of the Smile (since 1979)

President of FIIG - Federation of Semi-Official and Private International Institutions established in Geneva (since 1978)

President of ICSFD - International Civil Society Forum for Democracy (2006)

Chair of WOCSOC - World Conference on Civil Society (1999)

Executive Director of ICVA - International Council of Voluntary Agencies (1964-1978 and 1990-1991)

Michel Ballieu

Association Adviser at Step2to…

Michel studied economics at the Brussels University, in Belgium, and holds a postgraduate in Management from the Solvay Business School. He gained his first professional experiences, mainly within BASF and Xerox, by coaching and managing sales teams, including several years of marketing management at multinational level throughout the European Union.

19 years ago he entered the Non-For-Profit world by running the European Operations of the Up with People exchange student programme. Later he acted as the European Executive Director for several US based professional associations (on behalf of MCI-Association Management Company). As a Chief Executive Officer he joined ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation in 2006, overseeing a team of 30 professionals, and retired in 2016.

Today he works as a staff recruiter for non-profit organisations, and as an association adviser, in that capacity he also acts as the Executive Director for the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe.

Danièle Vranken

Danièle Vranken is the Secretary General of the FAIB, the Federation of European & international associations based in Belgium, helping its 280 member associations representing some 40.000 members of their respective sectors.

Danièle’s know-how is based on a 29 years career as Director Finance & Administration for the European cosmetics industry association (Cosmetics Europe, formerly Colipa) and Management assistant education. Her previous assignments were mainly abroad, hence her multilingual skills (French, English, German, Dutch, some Italian and Spanish for the fun!)

She took over the management of the FAIB in 2010 on a voluntary basis and puts all aspects of her professional experience and personality at the service of the Federation.


Executive Director, World Lottery Association (WLA)
Immediate Past President, European Society of Association Executives (ESAE)

Contact information:
World Lottery Association
Lange Gasse 20
CH-4002 Basel
Tel +41 61 544 11 06

Philip Alan Springuel is the Executive Director of the World Lottery Association (WLA). WLA member lotteries raise funds for good causes. Each year, the majority of profits go to support the public treasury, education, sports, culture, and various social causes. In 2015, WLA members returned USD76.1bn to society.

Philip acts as President of the Board of Directors of the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE, AssociationExecutives.EU), where he has been an active member since 2011. He is also member of the European Association of Communications Directors (ECD).

Prior to joining the World Lottery Association, Philip served as Head of Corporate Affairs at the non-profit, European Food Information Council (EUFIC) for six years. Before that, he was for two years at association management consultancy, MCI, acting as the global Project Director of World Kidney Day, for which he raised funds and established partnerships in over 90 countries. In 28 years of professional life, he has also performed many assignments in economic development or humanitarian and legal aid.

Mr Springuel speaks fluent English and French, some Spanish, and a bit of Dutch and Moroccan Arabic. In his spare time, through his non-profit, Athelte21, he promotes inclusive sports participation for disadvantages groups, and healthy performance improvements for all athletes.

Marleen Denef

Marleen Denef is a partner at Curia and leads the Business Law team together with Bart Windey.

Marleen is in charge of the Non-Profit Law team specialised in all aspects of social profit organisations and, in particular, in non-profit associations (VZWs), foundations, international non-profit associations, professional associations, de facto associations... Along with her team she provides day-to-day assistance for non-profit and social profit organisations ranging from international federations and professional associations to fundraisers, research centres, homes for the elderly, hospitals, sports federations, and cultural centres… She advises these organisations in various matters such as dealings with public authorities (recognition, subsidies), competitors (business activities, name and trademark disputes), directors and employees as well as all related responsibility and liability issues.

In recent years, Marleen and her team have been consulted in particular for assignments concerning collaborations and networking in the social profit sector. More and more structures are opting for partnerships and increases in scale over the classic merger. Public-private partnerships, cooperative collaborations models, group structures and autonomisation are used increasingly in the social profit sector. This also includes the creation of subsidiaries for commercial activities, conversion to a statistical research organisation, partnerships and joint ventures with third parties. The Non-Profit Law team also regularly deals with financial techniques taken from classic corporate law. These include bond offerings and the raising of capital with prospectuses. Marleen also regularly provides guidance on in-house governance for large social profit organisations involving collaboration and involvement of the board of directors and advisory committees as well as the development of delegation codes and reporting lines.

Marleen’s team is also involved in providing advice on tax matters and is assisted by highly specialised tax experts where necessary.

Career & profile

Marleen obtained her PhD in 2002 at the Jan Ronse Institute for corporate law of Leuven University, under the guidance of Professor Koen Geens. From 2003 onwards, Marleen worked full-time at the bar, first as a partner at Dewallens & partners, subsequently as a founding partner of Curia.

Since 2004, Marleen has been teaching the "Masters after Masters in Corporate Law" programme at the HUB (formerly: KU Brussels) for a specialised course on "Associations and Foundations Law ". Between 2007 and 2013, she was also a guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp, first as the interdisciplinary ‘Chair of Social Economy’ and , from September 2009, as the Acerta Chair of Social Profit for the course “Legal framework of social profit organisations”.

Marleen is also very frequently invited to participate in training and education in these areas, both for federations in a specific subsector and for professional training institutions. Each year, she provides recurring courses in specialised practical training programmes at the University of Antwerp School of Management and the Social Governance Academy (in collaboration with Guberna).

Marleen regularly publishes on various topics relating to corporate and group law in general and the non-profit and social profit sectors in particular and is a regular contributor to the journal “Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap (T.R.V.)”.

Between 2006 and 2010, she was an independent director of the Association for Social Profit Undertakings (Verso).

Due to her mixed experience, both in the theory and practice of associations, Marleen is also regularly invited to participate in consultation or steering committees. For example, she led the governance project of the King Boudewijn Foundation which resulted in a set of good governance recommendations for the social profit sector in September 2010, she is involved in the development of Hospital Governance recommendations (Icuro) and participates in a seminar on Cultural Governance recommendations. Since October 2009 she has also been a member of the Acerta Social Profit Advisory Council which closely follows all new trends in the social profit sector.

Read more at http://www.curia.be/lawyers_marleen.html

Sarah Verschaeve

Sarah Verschaeve is counsel in the Business Law team at Curia.

Sarah has built up a special expertise in social profit/non-profit law, social economy and companies in the form of non-profit associations, international non-profit associations or foundations.

She advises (inter)national interest groupings (among which professional organisations, holding structures and sector federations) on various contractual matters and on questions regarding the regularisation of their internal and external functioning. Process guidance with restructuring of associations (mergers, splits, takeovers …) and optimisation of group structures are also part of her common practice.

At the boundaries between the social and regular economy, she co-develops an advisory practice in which the less frequent company forms are regularly applied, such as the cooperative company and the company with a social purpose. Sarah also advises on the most diverse aspects of the general non-profit associations and foundations legislation. Sarah lectures on these topics on a regular basis.

In addition, Sarah has a vast experience in classic corporate law.

Career & profile

Prior to her start with Curia in 2010, Sarah worked at the law firms Linklaters and Baker & McKenzie where her practice focussed on mergers, acquisitions and restructurings. She also advised Bel-20 companies and multinationals on a wide range of corporate law topics.

In 2004-2005 Sarah studied at the University of Chicago Law School (USA) where she obtained a Master of Law (LL.M.) degree in corporate and financial law. Sarah graduated from Leuven University in 2003 (Master's degree). She also studied at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL).

Read more at http://www.curia.be/lawyers_sarahv.html

Sarah Van Den Brande

Sarah specialises in intellectual property with a particular focus on copyrights, trademarks and patents. Her legal practice also involves general commercial and contract law, with a focus on market practices.

She assists clients in a variety of sectors, such as the pharmaceutical and technological industry, the media, the artist and fashion scene and consumer goods.

She is an experienced litigator in complex cases. She also provides advice on protecting intellectual property and know-how. She has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, particularly regarding licensing, software and distribution.

She is a member of several professional associations in the intellectual property field, such as the Belgian National Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, Benelux Trademark and Industrial Design Association and the Belgian Copyright Association.

Sarah studied law at the University of Ghent, where she obtained her law degree in 2006. After obtaining an additional Master of Intellectual Property Law at Leuven University / KU Brussels, she started her career as an attorney at the Brussels Bar in 2007 with the law firm Eubelius. She subsequently joined the law firms Lydian and Crowell & Moring and gained experience in the private sector. She joined Curia in 2012. In the summer of 2013, she specialised in copyrights in Washington, DC at the WIPO (UN World Intellectual Property Organisation).

Read more at http://www.curia.be/lawyers_sarahvdb.html

Christophe Ginisty

Digital Strategist, social media intelligence expert, and founder of AGOREP, Christophe is the creator of the ReputationTime cycle of conferences.

Communications and Digital transformation expert, Christophe started his career at the age of 24 when he founded Rumeur Publique, a PR business specialized in technology that has become one of the leading agencies on the French market.

In 2011, Edelman appointed him “European Digital / Technology Evangelist” with the responsibility of Deputy Managing Director, EMEA. In 2013, he served as President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

Kai Troll

CEO of Best Buddies Europe/Middle East/Africa and President of Best Buddies Europe and Africa Foundation
Head of Development, International Sport And Culture Association (ISCA)

From 2001 to 2013, Kai was a Director at Special Olympics Inc., leading strategic developments, specifically within the Europe-Eurasia region, and he represented the Special Olympics on the International Olympic Committee. He has been a member of the Expert Group of the United National Office of Sports, Development and Peace.

From 1998 to 2001, Kai was a Senior Management Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group based in Brussels and New York. He served as an advisor to several boards of international organisations and non-profits in the areas of strategy, organizational development, public affairs, governmental affairs and resource development.

Kai is a partner of the German-Finish joint-venture software company Admigro gmbh and the German based Equilibrium gmbh, a marketing relationship company supporting social causes. He is the Chairman of the Best Buddies Europe and Africa Foundation, CEO of Best Buddies Europe/Middle East/Africa, and a member of the Development Committee of ISCA - the International Sport and Cultural Association.

Kai has a BA in Science and a MBA in International Management.

Sample link to a Colorox biography: Cyril Ritchie

Susan West

Susan West is currently Managing Director at SJ West Consulting, a Brussels-based leadership development firm. She is an executive coach who brings a wealth of business experience and leadership insights to individuals and organizations to help them build the competencies they need to move themselves forward. She is also a minority shareholder of a privately-held chemical company and an angel investor/ non-Executive Director in a renewable energy development firm, where she advises the management teams.

Earlier in her career she held leadership roles in several Fortune 100 companies including Citibank, Honeywell and Merck & Co. Her responsibilities included leadership and organization development, talent management, succession planning and management of enterprise-wide change initiatives. She held positions at the business unit and corporate level. After moving to Belgium, she became the Chief HR Officer of a global non-profit association.

Ms. West is a faculty member at the Cambridge Leadership Group and teaches leadership and change in the Executive Master in International Association Management at the Solvay-Brussels School of Economics and Management. She is also a regular speaker at international events. Born in New York, she is based in Brussels and has dual American/ Belgian nationality. Ms. West holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages from Princeton University and a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University.

Chloe Menhinick

International Water Association

Chloe has worked at the International Water Association since 2005. With an academic background in Political Science and a Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations she has worked across all areas of membership management and engagement. In her current role as the Network Engagement Manager, Chloe is responsible for IWAs Membership and Network retention and growth strategy - which includes responsibility for IWAs Membership Services team, IWA Network Marketing and IWAs Awards & Recognition Programme.

Deeply committed to contributing to IWAs theory of change, Chloe is working to drive opportunities to recognize contributions from, and inspire collaboration of, members from across all sectors and geographies through the development IWAs digital networking platform. As part of this, Chloe is leading the development of IWA Connect - IWAs new online platform for collaboration and participation which aims to elevate and reflect the richness of IWAs offline activities in a thriving online environment.

Chloe has lived in The Netherlands since 2007 and before that has lived in Belgium, Cyprus, Australia, UK and China.

Paula Byrne

Paula Byrne is Director for Membership and Business Development at CSR Europe, the European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Formerly she was Sustainability and CSR Director for the European Association of Chocolate Biscuit and confectionery Industry, CAOBISCO.

She is an EU Public affairs professional with experience in building relationships and alliances in public and private sectors including NGOs and Academia on sustainable and responsible sourcing in priority supply chains.

Her main achievements at CAOBISCO include a Public Private Partnership project in the Turkish hazelnut sector, European- wide palm oil coalition to support the up-take of sustainable palm oil and the joint industry programme and fund for cocoa research. She formerly held numerous other positions in CAOBISCO and the International Confectionery Association.

Paula is an Irish national and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Hons) from University College Dublin, Ireland. She lives in Brussels with her partner and her son.

Denise Farrar

CISV International

Denise has around 30 years’ experience in communications and fundraising and is a former CEO of a UK not for profit. She is currently the Communications and Fundraising Manager for CISV International, where she has worked for the past 8 years.

CISV International is a federation of member associations in 70 countries around the world, which brings its own exciting communication challenges!

Much of Denise’s work with CISV has centred around finding a common organizational language and communication style that works across borders, languages and cultures.

Denise’s current projects include the development of an international alumni association, a comprehensive brand review, the development of a new international marketing campaign, setting up a new regional fundraising initiative in the Americas, and an international consultation on the future of the youth arm of CISV.

She is excited to speak to the UIA Round Table about international communications and the lessons we can learn from each other.

Prof Amara Amara

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Prof. Amara AMARA obtained his HDR (Confirmation of Leading Research Capabilities) from Evry University, a Ph.D. in computer science in 1989 and a Master in 1984 in microelectronics and computer science from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI).

In 1988 he joined IBM research and development laboratory at Corbeil-Essonnes as invited researcher where he was involved in SRAM memory design with advanced CMOS technologies. From 1989 to 1992, he was associate professor developing microelectronics academic programs for CEMIP (Microelectronic Center of Paris Iles-de-France) and took part actively in many European Research Projects. In 1992, he joined ISEP (Paris Institute for Electronics) in charge of the microelectronics laboratory where he headed a joint team (Paris VI and ISEP) involved in High Speed GaAs VLSI circuit design and developed curricula in Microelectronics. He was involved in education management and research management for almost 34 years. Currently he is Deputy Managing Director of ISEP in charge of Research and International Cooperation and member of the ISEP ExCom (5 members). His research interests are mainly focusing on Low Power and Low Voltage circuit design techniques and on Circuit and Device Co-design for advanced technologies (SOI, DGates FD SOI, Ultra Thin Body SOI, 3D Integration, molecular…). In 1999, he spent his sabbatical at Stanford University working as a visiting researcher in Professor De Micheli’s group.

ISEP Executive Committee has appointed Amara in the position of Director of Research with the goal of establishing advanced research activities at ISEP in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, telecommunication, signal and image processing as well as computer engineering. He started from scratch and his continuous effort has led to the creation of a well established laboratory called LISITE which is now composed of 21 researchers, 18 PhD students split over 3 teams in addition to visiting scholars and visiting researchers. The laboratory is mostly funded by industry through collaborative research projects or bilateral research agreements. 17 PhD students among 20 he advised so far were funded by industry. His laboratory is now associated with the famous Doctoral School EDITE, one of the Doctoral Schools of the prestigious Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC).

Amara initiated many international partnerships with international universities, among them Stanford University, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU, Taiwan) and many other European and Asian universities.

Amara has a strong activity within IEEE since he joined this prestigious organization in 1992. He has been Vice President of the French IEEE Section since January 2004. He has been elected President of the IEEE France Section for a 3 years term starting from January 2014. From 2000 to 2004 he was Chairman of the IEEE-CAS France Chapter (Recipient of the 2004 Best Chapter of the Year Award and a Certificate of Appreciation from IEEE Regional Activities), he was member of the IEEE CASS Board of Governors (2008-2014) and was elected in November 2013 member of CASS Executive Committee as Vice President for Conferences (term 2014-2015) and reelected in November 2015 in the same position for the term 2016-2017. As VP for conferences he is the Chair of ISCAS (IEEE CASS Flagship Conference) Steering Committee. As President of the IEEE France Section, he represents France in the IEEE Region 8 board.

Among other activities, Amara is member of the Board of Directors of “ISEP-Enterprises” association, member of the CEMIP Executive Committee (Center for Microelectronics Education), former member of the CEA (Atomic Energy Agency) Scientific Committee, and expert for the Swiss National Science Foundation and the ANR (National research Agency). He initiated in 1997 FTFC, an IEEE Low Voltage and Low Power Conference. Amara is member of numerous Conference Technical Program Committees and Conference organizing Committees, member of the Editorial Board of Microelectronics Journal (ELSEVIER). He chaired IEEE ICICDT 2008 in Grenoble and IEEE ISCAS 2010 in Paris for which he has been awarded the Bronze Medals respectively of the cities of Grenoble and Paris.

Amara published a book on Molecular Electronics (more than 3000 chapters downloads from Elsevier web site) and co-edited two books: “Double-Gate FD SOI devices and circuits” and “Emerging Technologies and Circuits”. He is author and co-author of numerous papers published in IEEE conferences and journals. He supervised 20 PhD students on subjects related to his research interests.

Clara Fernández López

External Relations Manager of UIA

Clara is a skilled mediator with a training in understanding-based approach to conflict. As an independent consultor, she supports academic and professional publishing houses, organizations and academic institutions in diverse areas of company strategy, publishing, marketing and in international relations development.

Clara joined the Union of International Associations as External Relations Manager in 2011. In her role as Publisher, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board with various international publishing and media companies such as K. G. Saur in Germany, Gale in the U.S., Thomson Learning in U.K. and De Gruyter in Germany, from 1988 to 2011 she was the Publisher of UIA’s "Yearbook of International Organizations".

Since 1998,Clara is a Lecturer in Media Sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.

Ryan Brubaker

Web developer and database programmer, UIA

Ryan has worked with the Union of International Associations since 2011. He is responsible for the user interface of UIA's databases, the ongoing development of its website and the visual identity of the organization. He also provides regular training sessions on the use of UIA's Yearbook of International Organizations and International Congress Calendar digital publications.

Before joining UIA, Ryan ran a communications design studio crafting online identities for associations and small businesses. Its principle designers were most often collaborating between Belgium and Alaska, 10 time-zones apart. He now works from both Brussels, Belgium and a small mountain town in the United States.

The Round Table takes place at:
Marriott Grand Place
Rue Auguste Orts 3-7, Brussels, 1000 Belgium

From Brussels International Airport, Zaventem (BRU)

Take the train from the airport to the train station “Brussel Centraal / Bruxelles Centrale”, then follow the directions below for arriving by train. There are trains every 15 minutes from the airport to Brussels Central station, and the trip takes about 15 minutes. The fare is € 8.80.

Or, taxis with a taximeter are permanently available in front of the arrivals hall. The fare from the airport to the city centre of Brussels is normally around € 50. Licensed taxis can be recognized by the blue and yellow emblem.

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From the Thalys and Eurostar stations

Take any train northbound to the station “Brussel Centraal / Bruxelles Centrale”, then follow the directions below for arriving by train. There are trains every few minutes and the trip takes 5 minutes.

By train

The Marriott Grand Place hotel is 1 kilometer from the train station “Brussel Centraal / Bruxelles Centrale”. Leave the train station at any exit on the northwest side and walk northwest to the “Grote Markt / Grand’ Place”, then further northwest to the Bourse building on the Boulevard d’Anspach. The hotel is directly across the boulevard from the Bourse, and the entrance is on the left side.

By metro

The Marriott Grand Place hotel about 400m from the metro station “De Brouckere”. The tram stop “Bourse” (trams 3, 4 and 32) is immediately in front of the hotel.

By car

There is limited parking available at the hotel. Contact the hotel well in advance to reserve.

Until 27 September our hosting hotel the Marriott Grand Place offered a special rate to delegates for the night of Thursday 9 November

  • a standard single room (single occupancy) for € 170.00
  • a standard double room (double occupancy) for € 190.00

These rates include breakfast, VAT, city tax, and wifi access.

To reserve a room at the Marriott (though after 27 September other rates may apply), click here.

More information on how to reserve a room will follow shortly.

There are many (online) resources should you wish to find other accommodation in Brussel, such as:


Association Bureau of visit.brussels, Premier Partner of UIA Association Round Table Europe 2017

Brussels, home of over 2,000 associations, is an excellent place for networking among peers from various non-profit organisations. For this reason visit.brussels has set up the Association Bureau, a unique resource providing specific services to the ones wishing to develop their activities in Brussels, serving all those present or coming to the first city in the world for international organisations.

The Association Bureau provides valuable support in 5 keys areas:

  • One-stop shop: the Association Bureau acts as a single point of contact for associations, steering them to the right direction to reach their business goals and connecting them to the right people, able to assist them with any information regarding the setting up or the running of an organization in Brussels (financial or legal issues, human resources, office space, meetings facilities, living in Brussels, etc..).
  • European Association Summit: together with its partners, visit.brussels is the organizer of the annual conference for associations looking for learning, exchange of views on association and European issues.
  • International Association Club: the Association Bureau will create a formal framework for association representatives to meet, converse and exchange information in modern facilities.
  • Training opportunities: the Association Bureau centralizes all information related to training initiatives and continuous education for associations. Additionally, visit.brussels is also supporting the Executive Master in International Association Management set up by Solvay Business School.
  • Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP): with the strategic partnership, Brussels has set up with Destination DC, Dubai Association Centre and Singapore, the European Capital provides a unique platform assisting international associations in their development strategy.

Brussels Convention and Association Bureau, visit.brussels
Rue Royale 2-4
B-1000 Brussels

UIA is pleased to offer the association delegates to the Round Table two extra activities, at no extra charge.

When you register for the Round Table, you can also choose to sign up for one or both of these extra activities.

Please note that places are limited!

Walking tour "1000 Years in Brussels"

  • on Thursday 9 November
  • leaving the Marriott Grand Place Hotel at 16.30
  • and returning to the hotel at 18.00
  • with an English-speaking guide

Dinner with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau

  • on Thursday 9 November
  • at the Marriott Grand Place Hotel at 18.30

You may also be interested in extending your stay in Brussels for “ARMISTICE – 11 November 2017”

11 November is the traditional Commemoration Day of the end of the First World War of 1914-1918. There are several events and expositions organised in Brussels and other Belgian cities around this major moment in Europe’s history.

For more info: http://history.2014-18brussels.be/en

Solvay Executive Master in Association Management

Round Table participants get an extra 15% reduction on the tuition fee.

The Solvay Executive Master in Association Management is operated by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in cooperation with European Society of Association Executives (ESAE), the Union of International Associations (UIA), the Federation of European and International Associations (FAIB) and Visitbrussels.

The objective of this executive master course is to enhance the leadership, strategic planning and management skills of Europe’s top association professionals and to highlight the best practices across the association sector. It is taught by Solvay academics and features regular contributions from prominent association executives sharing their insights and expertise.

The next edition starts in January 2018.

The programme has a total of 17 lesson days, spread over 7 modules of 2 or 3 full days each, from January to June 2018.

Videos: https://youtu.be/j9A2zDo9VN8, https://youtu.be/fWvVaivPGXs

More information on http://exed.solvay.edu/fr/11-program/27-executive-master-in-international-association-management
or from
Asja Kamenica, Programme Manager
Tel: +32(0)2 650 38 94
Email: asja.kamenica@solvay.edu

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